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Hot-Air Balloon Tour-Private Tour


3,5 Hours

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Number of Persons

Up to 12 People



Private Hot-Air Balloon Tour

View and experience Cappadocia’s beauty from above with a Hot-Air Balloon that just takes flight for you.


Do Hot-Air Balloons fly every day in Cappadocia?

Hot-Air Balloons take flight every day during the year in Cappadocia. Hot-Air Balloons flights may be canceled due to weather conditions. Bad weather conditions can effect the flight in numerous ways, like the landing location, ease of take-off etc.


After the reservation;

 the passengers will be picked from their Hotels located in Cappadocia by the Balloon Company half an hour before dawn (The hours may change depending on the season) at the flight day.

☆ The passengers will be taken to Göreme or Uçhisar where the Balloons will take off.

☆ At this location the passengers can observe how the balloons are prepared to take off while taking a briefing about safety.

☆ The passengers can take their place at the prepared balloon, the balloons basket has four segments and each segment has room for 4 to 6 passengers.

☆ While up in the sky the passengers can get an amazing view on The Fairy Chimneys from Avanos, Ürgüp, Göreme, Uçhisar etc. Shortly said the whole region will be under your feet to observe and experience.

☆ After the flight the balloon will land safely with the help of the pilot and ground crew.

☆ After the safe landing champagne will be popped and served to the passengers to celebrate.

☆ At the end of the flight a certificate with the passengers name on it will be given to the participant which is included to the Cappadocia Hot-Air  Balloon Tour price. The certificates will be presented to the passengers.

☆ After this journey the passengers will be dropped off at their Hotels.


Total hours spend: 3 hours

Look up from here Cappadocia   ☂  Weather Forecast

Your Balloon Flight Reservations due to Weather Conditions are %100 refunded.

For Cancellations caused by you, 100% refund will be made before 4 days.

For Cancellations caused by you, refunds cannot be made before 48 hours.


Attention: Please inquire about the availability of the Balloon on our WhatsApp Information Line before making an online Balloon reservation.

What is included
  • Flight Certificate
  • Snacks for breakfast
  • Safety Briefing
  • Insurance
  • One hour long flight
  • Pick up and drop off to the Hotels
What is exluded

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