Private Blue Tour- Relax with Blue

Private Blue Tour- Relax with Blue



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Cappadocia Daily Private Tour


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⇒⇒ Private Cappadocia Blue Tour


Private Blue Tour is an alternative for Red and Green Tour. Private Blue Tour focuses on the famous attractions from the Southern part of Cappadocia. Private Blue Tour is much more relaxing and slow paced compared to other tours. Available every day all season. Relax with blue by choosing Private Blue Tour.


⇒⇒ Language Options


When you are a traveler, it is not easy to find a place where they speak your language. On this tour, you can find all your mother tongues or the languages that you want.


⇒⇒ Important Tour Details


This tour is suitable for everyone

Private tours with our company do not include lunch and museum entrance fees. You can add lunch and all museum entrance fees to your booking, if you booked additional packages like lunch and museum entrance fees but still don't want to use them, you will get full money refund of the respective extra packages booked.

What is included
  • Hotel pick up & drop off
  • Vehicle during the tour with an Air-Conditioner
  • Tour Guide along the Tour
  • Tax
What is exluded
  • Museum Entrance Fees
  • Personal Expenses
  • Lunch & Beverages
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    Private Cappadocia Blue Tour (Soğanlı Valley) itinerary

    Your tour vehicle will pick you up from the hotel at 9.30am and the Private Blue Tour will start.

    Visit Locations;

    ⇒⇒ Three Beauties

    A beautiful location to visit firstly. The Three Beauties are three Fairy Chimneys lined up side by side and resembles a family at first look. These Beauties are located at the entrance of Ürgüp and is a famous attraction for visitors.


    ⇒⇒ MustafaPaşa Town

    Sinasos, an ancient Greek Village where the traces of Greek civilization still can be seen clearly. This town still stays natural and untouched. It is very rich in context of places that can be seen and visited.


    ⇒⇒ Taşkınpaşa

    A village nearby a dam also named Damsa due to this proximity. At this place you can view some Seljuk Architecture.


    ⇒⇒ Şahinefendi Village

    A village that was built on a field created by a volcano. Not very far from Şahinefendi Village lies the ancient city Sobesos. The name Sobesos was given by the Romans and Byzantines but in ancient times the name of this city was Swa or Swassa. When it was first found by accident it was believed that, this was the capital of The Ancient Cappadocia Kingdom, but there is no evidence to prove it.


    ⇒⇒ Soğanlı Valley

    Soğanlı Valley is a gorgeously natural place intertwined with history. Where you can see Byzantine ruins and Stone Churches from 10th to 13th centuries. When exploring ends, a lunch break awaits you in a local restaurant in Soğanlı Valley’s soothing nature.


    ⇒⇒ Derinkuyu or Kaymaklı Underground City

    There are two large Underground Cities in Cappadocia, Derinkuyu and Kaymaklı. The visitation place is up to you. Derinkuyu Underground City is the largest underground structure in Cappadocia with eight layers of depth. This underground city was used as a Christian Missionary School and has a confession chamber, baptism pool and an interesting well. Kaymaklı Underground City is the second largest underground structure also with eight layers of depth. It was made in the Hittite period and was improved by civilizations in Roman and Byzantine periods.


    ⇒⇒ Kocabağ Winery

    Kocabağ is located just outside Uçhisar, where you can taste exquisite Cappadocian Wines at Kocabağ Winery before your tour ends.


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